Study tour to the Kingdom of Thailand

From 25 to 30 June 2023, 5 delegates from Svay Prohot Primary School visited 3 schools in Thailand, including:

១.Lamplaimat phattana

២.Bualuang pittayakom hight school

៣.Princess Chulabhorn Sciene hight school Buriram

During this visit, I gained many good experiences to practice, such as:

1.No punishment when students make mistakes.
2.Student habits are responsible and self-controlled.
3.Do not use textbooks alone.
4.Have a moral education

5.Student uniforms are elegant and tidy.
6.Sports Arts (with musical instruments, sports equipment)
7.Scores on student attitudes and good deeds
8.Good hospitality with the participation of teachers and students
9.Rich study materials with modern laboratory
10.Students must create at least three study plans per school year (grades 4,5,6).